Bar Roster



02. Wednesday Ian Davies
03. Thursday (put out bottles)
04. Friday Graeme Rodgers
05. Saturday Bridge Congress ( Greens Closed)

09. Wednesday Brian Kent
10. Thursday (put out bottles)
11. Friday Norm Childs
12. Saturday Fred Tresise

16. Wednesday Jeff Jellis
17. Thursday (put out bottles)
18. Friday Lindsay Stratford
19. Saturday Peter Cuddon

23. Wednesday John O`Reilly
24. Thursday (put out bottles)
25. Friday Graeme Smith
26. Saturday Mal Mckenzie

30. Wednesday Peter Goodall
31. Thursday (put out bottles)


01. Friday Graeme Rodgers
02. Saturday Mike Harper

06. Wednesday Tom Shaw
07. Thursday (put out bottles)
08. Friday Norm Childs
09. Saturday Mal Mckenzie

If unavailable on the day rostered it is your responsibility to arrange a substitute.
Please write underneath if not available during June 2018 by Friday 25th May 2018


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