It would appear word has got round that Beaumaris BC has found a way of disseminating news and information to its members quickly and easily so we have been hacked,( by the Russians) that is why our last edition had to be reissued, so Tony and I have employed the FBI, Jack Reacher and HARRY BOSCH to protect further editions. The Editor.
WOW – We certainly had a great Gala Day with the 28 teams to fill both rinks and the Club house looking tremendous, decorated for the occasion. The weather gods certainly answered our prayers, warm and sunny. The day was just a great success, from feedback we know that everybody enjoyed themselves, to the workers it didn’t feel like that at 4 o’clock but by Friday on looking back there was much satisfaction. WELL DONE EVERYBODY.

Have you noticed many of us have had our names machine printed on our shirts and jackets? That is thanks to Annette McPherson who has arranged the service and this is your last chance to have it done. So next Wednesday, 12th December, you leave shirt or jacket or both in the box near the ladies room. Attached to each item must be (on a piece of paper) how you want your name printed e.g. HELEN JONES or Helen Jones – and the cost is $6 per item. You can attach the money in an envelope at the time or pay Annette at a later date. Your shirt/jacket will back on Friday.


THE XMAS RAFFLE IS HERE AGAIN – 2 GREAT PRIZES – Tickets $2 ea. or 3 for $5.

The finalists for this year’s Club Championship Singles have been decided –

FOR THE LADIES – Bev. Allen will play Carol Cole

FOR THE MEN – Greg. Crozier will play Malcolm Parks

and the finalists for the Open Minor Championship are –

Paul Mifsud will play Colin Martin

all 3 finals will be played on Friday, 14th December at 4 p.m.

The draw for the MIXED PAIRS is out – first round has to be played by the 16th December then the second round is not until the 27th January.
The MEN’S PAIRS entry sheet is up on the Tournament board and entries will close on the 23rd December.
LADIES PAIRS entry sheet is due to be put up late December so don’t forget to put your names down if your wandering away over the break

Saturday – 1st December results
Division 1 Bentleigh 82 d Beaumaris 77
Division 2 Middle Park 87 d Beaumaris 82
Division 3 Beaumaris 100 d Clayton 64
Division 5 Beaumaris 108 d Hampton 45
Division 7 Beaumaris 76 d Parkdale 63
Six-a-Side Cranbourne 79 d Beaumaris 14
Midweek – 4th December results
Division 1/3 Beaumaris 64 d Pakenham 53
Division 1/4 Burwood Dist. 78 d Beaumaris 34
Division 2 Beaumaris d Sandringham 49
Division 4 C/hill Wav. Golf 64 d Beaumaris 42


To all in sundry, we have a 4 week break from pennant after Round 11 on the 15th and 18th December and resume on Saturday 12th and Tuesday 15th January. Rounds of Club Championships may be drawn during this time so please make sure you check the dates on the draws concerned or your diary.

MEMBERS/DUTY TEAM’S RESPONSIBILITIES – It is NOT the duty team’s responsibility to tidy the rink after the completion of the game. This is the responsibility of the team playing on that rink to put away mats and jacks, rakes into the sheds AND BRING DOWN THE FLAGS.
PLEASE endeavour to put your white plastic cup in the rubbish bin especially obvious on windy days like last Saturday, they were everywhere.

Graeme Rodgers will be competing in the Finals Play-offs of the regional over 60’s Singles on 12-14 December at the City of Frankston BC. Good Luck Graeme!

Tatts Club Visit We were joined by Tatts Club members on Monday afternoon for a social game with a BBQ to follow. Luckily the rain stayed away and 85 bowlers completed the game of 15 ends. The winning team for Beauy was John O’Reilly, Bill Arthur, Peter Boyle and skip Tony Davoren.
Unaware of the history of the Tatts Club I was told these players are a group of bowlers, formed many years ago, that play at different clubs around Victoria on Mondays because they were traditionally involved in horse racing on Saturdays.

Below is a report by Malcolm Parks

Following the meeting of our members on 22nd Nov.,2018, a motion was submitted to Sandbelt region that Sandbelt members call a Special General Meeting of BV to discuss the 3 options to change the administration of Metropolitan Pennant.
The letter sent by BBC to BV requesting further information was acknowledged by BV but it did not address any of the questions raised.
Sandbelt advised that the motion would not be put to the meeting on 3rd Dec.,2018, as under the constitution 30 days notice is required.
At the meeting there was very robust discussion where there was almost no support for the 3 options proposed by BV.
The following resolution was unanimously passed by the 45 members present ‘This Region is opposed to any change unless BV submit justification for change together with implications of each option including financial implications’.
It was also announced at the meeting that Bowls Australia has determined that for the 2021/22 season Pennant throughout Australia will commence in November.




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