Office Bearers

Principal Office Bearers 2019/20

Board Of Management

  • Chairperson: Michael Harper
  • Deputy Chair: Malcolm Parks
  • Board Secretary: Les Johnston
  • Treasurer: Colin Hampson
  • Greens Director: Kingsley Parkes
  • Board Directors: Alan Beazley, Carol Cole, Tony Davoren,                                     Bruce Graham, Helen Van Driel
  • Company Secretary: Les Johnston


  • Chair: Malcolm Parks
  • Deputy Chair: Bruce Graham
  • Secretary: Ian Donald


Committee Members

  • Chair Selection Committee: Fred Tresise
  • Deputy Chair Selection Committee: Linda Fennell
  • Chair Match Committee: Brian Kent
  • Deputy Chair Match Committee: Warren Miller
  • Coaching Coordinator: Linda Fennell
  • Umpires and Measurers Coordinator: Eva Chang


  • Sandbelt Club Delegates: Malcolm Parks supported by                              Michael Harper and Colin Hampson
  • Pennant Selectors: Fred Tresise (Chair), Linda Fennell                              (Deputy Chair), Ian Davies, Mark Hossen,

Tim Plant, Val Squires

  • Match Committee: Brian Kent (Chair), Warren Miller                                 (Deputy Chair), Val Donald, Mike Hooker,

Marg Jones, Con Mangos, Helen Van Driel.

  • Saturday Winter Bowls: Ian Jones and Terry Cole
  • Wednesday Social: Match Committee
  • Club Playing Coach: Matthew Kurta
  • Accredited Coaches: Linda Fennell (Coordinator),

Gary Byers, Helen Van Driel, Neville Fuller,

Roma Garlic, Erica Jones, Malcolm Parks,

Bruce Richards

  • Umpires & Measurers: Eva Chang (Coordinator),

Tony Davoren, Linda Fennell, Mike Hooker,

Pam Nash, Malcolm, Parks, Mike White,                                                Haydn  Williams

Membership Committee

  • Tony Davoren, Mike White, Elsie Johnstone, Brian Kent and Sue Raverty