Bar Roster

                  BAR ROSTER LIST   August 2017




  1. Tuesday   Jeff Jellis                      ( as of 230pm apx)
  2. Wednesday   John O`Rielly
  3. Thursday     (put out bottles)
  4. Friday    Graeme Rodgers
  5. Saturday   Mike Harper


  1. Tuesday    Fred Tresise               (as of 2.30pm apx)
  2. Wednesday Russell Trim
  3. Thursday (Put out bottles)
  4. Friday Norm Childs
  5. Saturday Mal Mckenzie


  1. Tuesday    Peter Goodall           (as of 2.30pm apx)
  2. Wednesday    Alan Beazley

17.Thursday          (put out bottles)

  1. Friday     Graeme Smith
  2. Saturday     Colin Hinde


23.Wednesday        Jeff Jellis

24.Thursday           (put out bottles)

  1. Friday  Tom Shaw
  2. Saturday Mal Mckenzie


30.Wednesday         John O`Rielly

  1. Thursday (put out bottles)




  1. Friday Graeme Rodgers
  2. Saturday Peter Cuddon


  1. Wednesday Russell Trim
  2. Thursday (put out bottles)
  3. Friday Graeme Smith
  4. Saturday Colin Hinde



If unavailable on the day rostered it is your responsibility to arrange a substitute. Please write underneath if not available during September by Friday 25th August 2017