The following are some very important Principles of Smart Bowls applicable to every Member of our Club irrespective of the position you may be playing. Our Club coaching co-ordinator Neville Fuller was fortunate to participate in a great session organised by Rob Huddle.

Please read, digest and implement as best you can; and better still make a copy and carry them in your bowls bag.


SKIPPER ….. A few hints on your important role in the success of your Team and Side.

  • You are the Manager of your Team.
  • Communication by positive talk, encouragement and become efficient at giving directions to your players.
  • Decision making:

                                quickly sum up the best side of the green to play

                                 think about the mat placement

                                    length of End

                                    use your players strengths

                                    be clear with your players where their bowl is to finish

                                    consider ‘Risks’ before you take one

                                    exploit your opponents weaknesses

  • A DON’T is not to ask your players to play a shot they can’t play… Result mostly is ‘wasted bowl’ ‘harms that players confidence.
  • Build your head to:

reduce the loss of more than two shots

know at all times where the Jack might go to if moved

have an awareness of opponents bowls that are potential danger

not always have to get the shot

be only greedy for extra shots when needed

be aware of the Main Scoreboard throughout the match


always look for the opportunity to move an opponents bowls out of the or scoring zone.

Click on the link below to watch a video on how to use the DHB bowling arm (hacksaw)