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The following items were discussed at the first 2018/2019 Board meeting with the following Board members ratified at the AGM: Terry Cole, Les Johnston, Alan Beazley, Kingsley Parkes, Lizzie Boucher, Malcolm Parkes, Mike Harper, Elsie Johnstone, Tony Davoren, Colin Hampson and Bruce Richards.

Club Shirts

Thank you for all the feedback given from members at the recent Annual General Meeting regarding the possible new, updated Pennant shirts.

After a full discussion the Board unanimously decided to adopt the new shirt design for the forthcoming Pennant Season. Note: Existing shirts can be used for non-pennant events where uniform is required.

The material decided upon has been tested up north in warm conditions by our members in the Master Builders group and the fabric was found to be cool and easy to wear.

The cost is expected to be an affordable $35 per shirt

As soon as the sizing sheets are available at the Club, we will let you know and ask that each member who wishes to play Pennant in the 2018/19 season pre-orders his/her shirt so it can be worn from Round 1 of the new season.

Time is of the essence and therefore it is vital that members fill out the size sheets as soon they are available from the supplier so that orders can be placed!


“One of the great ironies of life is this: He or she who serves almost always benefits more than he or she who is served.”Gordon Hinckle

It is wonderful to belong to a Club where people are not afraid to put their hands up to help, and the quality of our volunteers is the main reason we all enjoy our good greens and beautiful surroundings.

Thank you to everybody who filled in and returned their Volunteer Preferences along with their Membership Fees. Unfortunately quite a few forms were not returned.  If you are not currently a volunteer in a group or on a committee we look forward to receiving your form.

Forms are available on the front desk at the Club.  We look forward to them being filled in prior to us posting all committees and volunteers on the Club website in July/August.

For those who haven’t, as yet, got around to thinking about the contribution you would like to make, there are many areas where we can do with much more help including – the bar, hall hire supervision, social, coaching and gardens..

Did you know that volunteering leads to better mental and physical health? Those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and a more positive outlook than others.

Elsie Johnstone/Tony Davoren

 Bowls Committee

The following members were appointed at AGM or at the first 2018/2019 Bowls Committee Meeting:

Malcolm Parks, Chair Bowls Committee Lizzie Boucher, Deputy Chair Bowls Committee

Ian Donald, Bowls Secretary,  Fred Tresise, Chair Pennant Selection Committee

Ian Jones, Chair Match Committee,  Helen van Driel, Co-ordinator Coaches

Pam Nash, Co-ordinator Umpires and Measurers

The following were elected to the Pennant Selection Committee

  • Fred Tresise (Chair)
  • Val Squires (Deputy Chair)
  • Ian Burns
  • Matthew Kurta
  • Tim Plant

The following were elected to the Match Committee

  • Ian Jones (Chair)
  • Brian Kent (Deputy Chair)
  • Lizzie Boucher
  • Allan Cox
  • Hubert Day *
  • Val Donald
  • Mike Hooker
  • Marge Jones
  • Phil Kelly*
  • Con Mangos
  • Graeme Rodgers*

      *Tournament responsibilities


Delegates to Sandbelt,

  • Ian Jones
  • Helen van Driel



*** I apparently passed the test so here we go again, but my offer still stands

if there is a budding author amongst us please apply.  Helen


From our friends at Probus I thought the following might be of interest to you, too.


BEAUMARIS  –  Named after a town in Wales.  Began in 1852 with development by

Josiah Holloway.  He marketed the lots of land by suggesting that a railway was imminent and that a canal would also be built.  Neither happened. However from 1889 until 1914 the Beaumaris Tram Co. conducted a horse drawn tram service from Sandringham to Cheltenham through Beaumaris. It was not successful and due to high costs and low patronage it closed for business.  Nothing remains of the early form of transport except the name  –  Tramway Parade  –  the name of the street that it once used.




MIDWEEK  –             25/9 – 18/12/18    15/1  –  26/2/19

SATURDAY              6/10   –  15/12/18      12/1  –  2/3/19

NB  Playing Sat. 26/1/19 Aust.Day






Our numbers for both these days are steady, in the 30’s for Wednesday and for the second Saturday of winter there were 48 players which was great. It is nice to see a few of our newer members enjoying Saturdays with us and we would love to see a few more visitors and we ask that you might like to invite a friend from another club don’t forget to tell them about our Green Ginger Wine and hot party pies I’m sure there are not too many other clubs offering such delights on Saturday afternoons.

The invitation also applies for Wednesday games too and ladies don’t forget you are most welcome and again we say invite a friend but sorry no green ginger wine only hot party pies for afternoon tea.




MASTER BUILDERS ASSOC. BOWLERS  –    We have quite a few members of our Club that are part of the above association and recently played in the National Championships at Tweed Head, not just played but were part of the winning Victorian sides that won both the main trophies.  Well done guys.


LENDING LIBRARY  We do have a small library in the lounge area, you can, for a small cost borrow from the variety of books there.  We could do with a few recent novels to keep the supply up to date, but we do not want old books that you are clearing out and just a couple if you can donate would be great.



 The meeting was held at the Clubhouse at 4 p.m. with a good attendance by members.

A minute silence was held in remembrance of past members Ken Rechter and Jimmy Taylor.

The Confirmation of Minutes and adoption of the Annual Report and

Balance Sheet was passed by those attending. The Declaration of the Appointed Directors was as follows –



Chairman                                     Terry Cole

Deputy Chairman                         Malcolm Parks

Board Secretary                           Les. Johnston

Treasurer                                     Colin Hampson

Board Directors                            Alan Beazley                     Lizzie Boucher

Tony Davoren                    Mike Harper

Elsie Johnstone                 Kingsley Parkes

Bruce Richards




Chair                                           Malcolm Parks

Deputy Chair                                Lizzie Boucher

Secretary                                     Ian Donald


Committee Members are nominated from Pennant, Match, Coaching and Umpires.

Our Board Secretary for many years,  Les. Johnston, was granted Life Membership

in recognition of his work for the Club.


Life Member, Peg Campbell was presented with a bouquet of flowers congratulating her on her 50 year membership.

Chairman Terry Cole showed the meeting a new model Club shirt, very similar to the

Club jacket, it was the decision of the majority of the members present that this model be accepted as our Club shirt and that no subsidy should be made to members by the Club for the purchase of these shirts.  These decisions would be taken to the next Board Meeting.

A short discussion was held on the Heat Rule.  Being no further General Business the meeting was closed.

FOOTY TIPPING      This year we have an all time record of 41 entries and $1025 prize money for 6 perspicacious members.

After 9 rounds and many upsets KEVIN ALLEN leads with 57, IAN JONES second with 56, equal 3rd on 54 are MAUREEN DAVIES, BRIAN GRIFFIN & VAL DONALD are 15 others with a score of 50 or more so anyone can win at this stage.


 While the majority of us just wander in for the occasional game you may have noticed that the lawns and gardens are still being kept neat and natured.  A lot of us try to get a break to the warmer climes but here the weeds and the grass keep  growing too so if you can spare an hour or two on a Monday over the next few months to cover for the team who too want a break please get in touch with Graeme Rodgers.



As things are very quiet round the club from now on the next Newsletter will be at the end of June, any important notices you will receive by e-mail and the first new season Newsletter will be in August.

Please keep well over the next few months, remember exercise is the most important thing for our age group.  Walk to the Club and put down some bowls for half an hour or walk to the library or just round the block, don’t forget to see your friendly GP for a check-up or any other medical tests that need doing every year.

Until the 23rd June,

Helen van Driel