Fixtures / Results / Ladders

Setting up Bowls Victoria Pennant Fixtures and Results    using computer, iPad or iPhone.

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet – either direct or via a Modem.
  2. Select a method of linking into the internet – Google or similar
  3. Enter “Pennant Bowls Vic”     or
  4. Select this web site. You may care to bookmark the site or attach it to your “Favourites”.
  5. Select “Pennant” from the top line
  6. Select “Competition Portal”. This section lists both the Midweek and Weekend Divisions and Sections.
  7. For this exercise we will only select from the Weekend Pennant. The system of setting up for the Midweek Pennant, will be the same.
  8. From the Beaumaris Bowls Club 2019-2020 Pennant Fixtures booklet, select the team or teams you wish to access.

Our teams are as follows

    Weekend        team       division    section

    (Saturday)     1               1               4

                          2               3               7

                          3               4               6

                          4               4               8

                          5               7               6

    Midweek        team       division    section

    (Tuesday)       1               1               3

                          2               2               7

                          3               2               8

                          4               4               8

  • You will see a green rectangular notice with the word “Pin”. You will be asked to activate the “Pin” (use your Mouse and press enter or hit with your finger) opposite “Weekend Pennant Division 1. Hit “Pin” now and the green notice will change to “Pinned”.

Scroll down the page to locate “Weekend Pennant Division 3 and activate the “Pin” to “Pinned”

  1. Continue on and find the following teams

Division 3, Division 4, Division 7,

and make them all “Pinned”.

Scroll back to the top of the page. You will notice a window showing the teams selected, in the various Divisions.

Activate (Mouse/finger), “Competition: Weekend Pennant Division 1

You will notice that the Sections are all listed with “Pin” against them. Select Section 4 “Pin”

You will now note the “Pinned Section” lists Div 1 Sec 4.

Select Div 3 Sec 7 and it will now list in the left hand window. Select Div 4 Sec 6 and Sec 8 and select Div 7 Sec 6

All teams are now pinned and you can delete the Divisions that you firstly pinned by activating the X, at the end of the name leaving all the 5 teams with their Div and Sec named.

When you next open up Bowls Vic internet site and select “Pennant”, your device will open up the teams’ site that you chose.

  1. Good Luck


Side. 1 (Div. 1 Sect. 3)

Side. 2 (Div. 2 Sect. 7)

Side. 3 (Div. 2 Sect. 8)

Side. 4 (Div. 4 Sect. 8


Side. 1 (Div. 1 Sect. 4)

Side. 2 (Div. 3 Sect. 7)

Side. 3 (Div. 4Sect. 6)

Side. 4 (Div. 4 Sect. 6)

Side. 5(Div. 7 Sect. 6)